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Trinidad show promoter viciously stabbed in Jamaica



A concert promoter and disc jockey out of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago was on Thursday afternoon vicously stabbed in downtown Kingston, Jamaica, by a lone bicycle man in what appeared to be a robbery attempt.

According to reports reaching, the visitor from Trinidad, who was walking through downtown Kingston on his way to a recording studio, was attacked, while talking on his phone. In addition to his Blackberry cellphone, he also had with him his computer bag containing his laptop.

Reports are that a man on a bicycle rode up behind him and accosted him. The visitor, who was caught off guard, turned around and faced his attacker, and attempted to retaliate. That was when the attacker, reportedly forcefully grabbed the Trinidadian by the collar and plunged a long kitchen knife in his back.

“Ivan said he shouted out and a taxi man looked on and saw that he had beeen stabbed and needed help,” a close friend of the Trinidadian, told

The quick action of the cabbie resulted in the attacker fleeing the scene empty-handed.

The taximan is said to have bundled the  profusely bleeding Trinidadian man into his car and took him to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

Ivan, as he is known, underwent emergency surgery on Thursday night.

“It was a serious stab, but thank God, the doctors say it missed his lungs. But it’s still serious,” the friend revealed.

In a brief telephone conversation with on Friday afternoon, Ivan, whose real name is Keevan Phillips, said he had been booked to return to his homeland on Monday, but the doctors at the KPH said the wound was serious and they couldn’t tell him when he would be discharged.

“I am just here lying on my stomach. I am on drip and my blood pressure is low, but I am giving thanks. I could have lost my life,” Ivan declared, adding that he needed to get his passport from the hotel where he was staying. also spoke with one of the persons at the studio where Ivan had been working on his project while in Jamaica and he too, said he had been a victim of a robbery.

“Dem hold me up with gun the other day and take away my phone and laptop. I am just sorry that him come to Jamaica to do work and spend his money and something like this happen to him. Him is a man who promote show and carry nuff artiste to Trinidad and do studio work in Jamaica. But I am glad that it wasn’t worse. The story could have been so different. Him is a lickle body dread …him lucky his lungs never get punctured” the man called Ricky said.




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