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VIDEO: Jamaican flag burnt in new German ad playing Barrington Levy’s ‘Murderer’

Reggae singer Barrington Levy's hit song, Murderer, is used in the Saturn commercial which burns the Jamaican flag

Reggae singer Barrington Levy’s hit song, Murderer, is used in the Saturn commercial which burns the Jamaican flag – A German company Saturn, has burnt the Jamaican flag in a new commercial that is supposed to be ‘humorous’.

This is how Saturn describes the ad:
“The new Saturn commercial shows a striking coffee-maker is the trigger for a chain of chaotic circumstances.
Director Martin Werner provides with its action-packed short film of just a little more than a minute, exciting entertainment and shows the crucial role to play proper technique. And it offers cinematic scenes and moves simultaneously in a humorous way the technology competence Saturn into focus.”
Obviously, Jamaica is getting a boost from this exposure, just like with the recent VW commercial depicting the Jamaican accent, which was shown half-time at the Super Bowl. Already there are conflicting views on this Saturn ad and the disrespect shown to the Jamaican flag by the ‘accidental’ burning and then the white boys flinging the flag outside on the ground and stomping on it in an effort to put out the fire.

Here is one explanation of the commercial. “In the video, a striking coffee-maker is the cause of a fire. The suspended Jamaican national flag also falls to ashes. To quickly bring the flag to delete the employees take the flag outside. However, they are filmed by a surveillance camera and a passer-by. A distress signal is activated and causes complete chaos on the roads and protests against the burning of the flag. What a misunderstanding trigger can do …”
The message of the commercial is that the burning of the flag is totally wrong, but despite that, the message from some Jamaicans is that this ad is totally wrong because it is disrespectful of our flag which should not even be allowed to touch the ground in any circumstance whatsoever.
Here are two comments:
Leon Bailey
Love this. I’m Jamaican and see the humour of it. It wouldn’t have worked with any other country. In fact this makes me feel really proud, Jamaica the biggest little country in the world, so much love. Brilliant Ad.
Saturn, are there no rules in Germany about the burning of a nation’s flag? and did you not think that portion of your commerical would have offended many Jamaicans who truly hold our nation’s flag in high regard, that we do not deface it, we do not allow it to touch the ground except in military ceremonies and we do not play around with the sovereignty of it, that you guys in Germany have smoked too much weed to be able to show respect for the rights of other nations? - Yasmine Peru    German ad burning Jamaican flag


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